November 2021

Join me in a short
Gratitude Meditation

What does gratitude feel like?

Use the Body Code to heal from the past.

 Free yourself to live the life you choose. 

The Body Code can help identify experiences in your past that are blocking the success of your future.  This can be blocks to joy, happiness, forgiveness, business success, the list goes on and on.  
Our subconscious knows us very well.  It's job is to ensure we are who we believe ourselves to be.  If you have ideas stored in your mind and body of a low self worth, failure, abandonment and lack, it may be affecting your ability to attract good things into your life; the right people, abundance, joy.
Joe (not his real name), was abused by his parents when he was quite young.  This physical and emotional abuse continued until he was on his own.  As a teen he was abused by adults he trusted.  He loved his dad who was also abusive and who died a violent death in front of Joe.  Later on Joe married an abusive woman.  This lasted a few years until they divorced.  The divorce left Joe devistated and feeling he was not enough; that he was not worthy of love.  
While going through this traumatic divorce, Joe reconnected with Ann (not a real name) an old friend from high school. They began spending time together; getting to know each other again.  They soon began to feel a sense of connection; a warmth; a bond that they hadn't felt with anyone before that grew into love. 
They soon married.  He was happy yet lived in fear of doing something wrong, and then this new love of his life would leave him.  He believed he was not worthy of happiness nor of love.  His past relationship directed his behavior in that his core belief was that he was not good enough for love. 
Emotion is vibration and is not always processed, therefore it becomes of part of who we are and it directs our behavior.  Joe lived feeling unworthy of love and that he was not good enough.  His subconscious held the belief that he could not be loved and this directed his behavior.  He would sabotage his relationship which would confirm he was not worthy in the first place.
We worked through some of the trauma energy he was holding onto using the Body Code.  He has worked hard in noticing more about himself, becoming aware of his emotions and in reframing his core beliefs into a different perspective of who he is and that yes, that he is worthy of love.   
He remains married and is always improving himself and therefore his relationship with his wife.  He has worked hard and continuously to reset his core beliefs and to let go of what no longer serves him. 

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Keep a Gratitude Journal

Journey about the things you are grateful for.  Include the people you are grateful to have in your life.  The relationships you have and hold close to your heart.

Gratitude Meditation

Get into a meditation with a focus of who or what you are most grateful for in the moment.  You can find this at the beginning of this newsletter.

Check Your Surroundings

Go through where you live observing the "stuff" you have on your walls, tables, bookshelves.  Clean house - remove the things that do not bring you joy.  Keep the things you feel grateful for.

Gratitude Nature Walk

Nature if a great way to bring yourself into that higher place, with a higher vibration of gratitude.  Take a walk in nature, take your time, be still, listen.  Find gratitude in the things you love in nature.

As I Lay Me Down to Sleep

Go the sleep with a grateful heart.  Give thoughts to what you are grateful for from your day.  Give thanks for the good in your day and the love you shared with someone.  

Ways to lift your vibration to a higher level - 

Be Well