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September 2021

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I was married to a narcissist for 17 years. At the time I knew nothing about what that means. I struggled to make my marriage work with no resolve. I had 7 kids and had adopted 2 more and found myself in a place that was very difficult to move from. I made excuses for myself for a long time. I felt I couldn't make a move to break up my family. I was met with advise from a co-worker to get out because my ex was planning my demise. I finally made the decision to move; out of necessity and with a lot of fear. I called members of my church who were there almost immediately. They helped me pack. OMG! Until I made that decision, nothing could open up for me; I couldn't move forward. Once I did make that decision, so many doors were opened for me. I had a place to live for a year while I got my life rearranged. My job allowed a direct transfer. My older kids had support and were able to stay in the lives they had created and felt safe in. Then started my transformation; but only after I met a great friend who I later married. He helped me to challenge myself, to try new things, to leave old paradigms, to move forward to where I wanted to go. The struggle in regaining confidence and self worth is real and easier done with support. I now offer that support through my business.

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testimonials of the Body Code in healing from toxic relationships

I'm FREE! I now recognize when someone is sucking my energy or trying to use me and I will not tolerate it. It's ok to walk away from people who want to hurt me. They are never going to change. I was the one who needed to change. I an mow free to be the person I was mean to be all along.


Using the Body Code to release trauma, absorbed energy and blocks has been one of the best gifts I have ever given to myself. I not only shifted my day to day life and had the ability to create boundaries easier, I have made more money than ever in my business.

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Use the Body Code to release trauma energy from your past.

Throughout our lives we've all had experiences that have caused us to question our own self-worth. If we hold on to the limiting story of these past events, whether it was a failed relationship, a defeat in business, or a childhood trauma, we will not be open to the possibilities of our future life. The truth is that no matter what has happened in our past, we are still deserving of all the good we could possibly imagine. In fact, we cannot be any more deserving than we are right now! Why? We are infinite spirits having a human experience and therefore we are worthy of all the good that is possible. However, the Truth does not guarantee that we will feel deserving. We must cultivate and grow that feeling. Creating the sense of deserving begins by recognizing that we cannot change what has happened in our past, but we absolutely can change our relationship to and perception of those circumstances. We can create a new meaning our past, so that our attention and focus can be directed constructively toward building a life of our dreams. As we come to understand the idea that our past does not have to determine our future, we are able to shift our perception. In doing so, we are changing our thinking.  

The Body Code can help identify experiences in your past that are blocking the success of your future.  

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