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                               Step by Step Guide to
                Recovery from a Narcissistic Relationship

                                                      Are you living with any of the following?

        *  low self worth
                                                      *  exaggerated fear of being judged
                                                      *  in isolation
                                                      *  with fear of rejection
                                                      *  hyper sensitive in your normal environment
                                                      *  feeling paranoid
                                                      *  confusion
                                                      *  self doubt
                                                      *  panic attacks

            BENEFITS OF THE 
                    STEP BY STEP GUIDE TO 
                                                 RECOVERY FROM A NARCISSIST RELATIONSHIP

                                                            *  increased communication skills
 *  elevated self worth
                                                      *  increased confidence
                                                      *  healthy relationships
                                                      *  discover your freedom
                                                      *  a new you without fear and anxiety
                                                      *  healthy boundaries
                                                      *  being OK with saying no

            This is a 10 week self guided training - Self Preservation of the Sensitive Spirit
                                               It includes Body Code Sessions in specific weeks.                   
                                                                 Now available in the store
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Welcome to Self
Preservation of the Sensitive Spirit 
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                       How Do I Know This Works?

What our customers write about us

I'm free!  I now recognize when someone is sucking my energy or trying to use me and I will not tolerate it.  It's ok to walk away from people who want to hurt me.  They are never going to change.  I was the one who needed to change.  I an mow free to be the person I was mean to be all along.


Using energy work to release trauma, absorbed energy and blocks has been one of the best gifts I have ever given to myself.  I not only shifted my day to day life and had the ability to create boundaries easier, I have made more money than ever in my business.


In addition to the testimonies listed, I share my own story:
I was married to a narcissist for 17 years.  At the time I knew nothing about what that means.  I struggled to make my marriage work with no resolve.  I had 7 kids and had adopted 2 more and found myself in a place that was very difficult to move from.  I made excuses for myself for a long time.  I felt I couldn't make a move to break up my family.  I was met with advise from a co-worker to get out because my ex was planning my demise.  I finally made the decision to move; out of necessity and with a lot of fear.  I called members of my church who were there almost immediately.  They helped me pack.
OMG!  Until I made that decision, nothing could open up for me; I couldn't move forward.  Once I did make that decision, so many doors were opened for me.  I had a place to live for a year while I got my life rearranged.  My job allowed a direct transfer.  My older kids had support and were able to stay in the lives they had created and felt safe in.
Then started my transformation; but only after I met a great friend who I later married.  He helped me to challenge myself, to try new things, to leave old paradigms, to move forward to where I wanted to go.  The struggle in regaining confidence and self worth is real and easier done with support.  I now offer that support through my business.

Beyondnarcissism is created under LiveByDesignsp.  It's purpose is to provide healing guidance for those recovering from a relationship with a narcissist.  Narcissists may be your ex, your friend, parent, co-worker.  They are in many places and seem to prey on those who are sensitive in spirit.  The Body Code is used as a wellness aid to help find and release trapped emotion and trauma energy stored in the subconscious and the body for a greater sense of well-being.

I would love to support you in your transformation to that person who is inside of you, just waiting to be. As a Body Code Practitioner, I am trained to work with your subconscious to find trauma. We find it, we learn from it, we let it go! I am also a Life Coach. I have developed a course called “Self Preservation of the Sensitive Spirit”. I believe narcissists prey on those of us who are sensitive. We want to help; we want to serve; we sacrifice ourself to make other people happy. We are the people pleasers. Contact me at [email protected] OR schedule a consultation appointment here We will spend time together reviewing your life and what supports you are in need of. I offer Body Code Sessions to find trauma and also the course: “Self Preservation of the Sensitive Spirit” a course designed to include Body Code Sessions and coaching.

Be Well Susan Pole